Voltage Converter 2300W Power Step

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Specifications and MUST-READ before the purchase

Item Type 220v to 110v Converter Input & Output -Input: 90-250V,50/60Hz; -Output: 90-120V Devices AC Power Range 26-2300W, max 2300W; total Max 2300W (more than 1 device) Compatible ✔USB charging devices✔; ✔26-2300W mechanical controlled(push side to side on/off)devices✔ Incompatible Devices Type 1 ✖26W below AC direct use devices, such as electronic tooth brush or balding clipper with AC cord✖ Incompatible Devices Type 2 ✖Electronic controlled devices that has auto shut off, touch screen, pulse, temperature control, timer, etc.✖ Power Cord Plug TYPE F/E European Plug Replaceable Plugs TYPE A-US Plug; TYPE G-UK Plug; TYPE I-AU Plug; TYPE L-IT Plug; TYPE M-S.Africa Plug; TYPE D-IN Plug

Please confirm the controlled type, voltage & max power of your devices before the purchase or use, to avoid any damage to your devices.


If you’re confused about the compatible, please let us know via Amazon or the method we left on the user manual, we would like to help!



EU Type F/E: France/Spain/Germany/Poland/Portugal/Romania/Russia /Finland/Netherlands/Austria /Belgium/Bulgaria/Cambodia/Croatia /Greece/Iceland/SouthKorea/Sweden/Turkey/Ukraine/Vietnam/Albania/CzechRepublic/Denmark/Egypt/Estonia/Hungary/Norway/Indonesia/Morocco/Myanmar/Serbia/Slovakia/Latvia/Lithuania /Luxembourg / Slovenia etc.US Type A: Japan/China/Thailand/Cuba/American Samoa/Antigua and Barbuda/Aruba/Bahamas / Barbados/Belize/Bermuda/Cayman Islands/Colombia/Costa Rica/Ecuador/El Salvador/Guam/Guatemala/Haiti/Honduras / Jamaica/Laos/Liberia/Mexico/Micronesia/ Montserrat/Nicaragua/Panama/Peru/Philippines/Puerto Rico/Saudi Arabia/Venezuela, etc.UK Type G: Malta/Malaysia/Singapore/England/Scotland/Ghana/Hong Kong/Macau/Bhutan/Botswana/Brunei/Dominica/Grenada/India/Iraq/ Ireland/Kenya/Nigeria/Northern Ireland/Pakistan/Qatar/Saint Lucia/Saint Vincent/Saudi Arabia/Sri Lanka/Tanzania/Uganda/United Arab Emirates/Wales/Yemen/Zimbabwe/Cyprus, etc.AU Type I: Australia/New Zealand/Argentina/China/Fiji /Papua New Guinea/Tokelau (the Union Islands) /American Samoa/Cook Islands/ Kiribati/Nauru/Samoa/Solomon Islands/SaintVincent and the Grenadines/Tajikistan/Timor-Leste /Tonga/Tuvalu/Uzbekistan/Vanuatu/ Uruguay, etc.S.Africa Type M: Mainly for South AfricaIN Type D: Manily for IndiaIT Type L: Italy, Chile, etc.

➤【Portable All-in-one Voltage Transformer】 Travel size won’t compromise the efficacy of this converter at all due to our all-in one design, you will get a power converter w/ 3 AC outlets+2 USB ports+1 QC 3.0 port+1 Type-C port, these will satisfy all your simultaneously up to 7 devices charging needs, unlike traditional converters which tend to be large & heavy, our special design converter is definitely practical for traveling
➤【Compatible with Various Appliances】 Not only support using & charging needs like phone, laptop, tablet, hair drye (needs to be mechanical controlled one that has push side to side on/off button, not for dyson dryer type), blue-tooth speaker, electric shaver, even for cooking machine, air purifier, rice cooker, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, hi-fi active speaker, it will work well as long as your device is NOT electronic controlled auto/touch on/off button and under 2300W volts (26-2300W)
➤【Safety & Sustainable Travel Converter】 Designed with over temperature, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit protection and surge protection, plus with quiet dual cooling fans on both sides for heat-reducing, our converter will run under stable condition and provide a security using of your devices, no worry about blow a fuse or knock out hotel power, which is also a security for yourself (Converter is certificated by ETL, CE, FCC and also get tested by the ISO 17025 Lab to prove the safety)
➤【Must-have Universal Power Adapter Converter】You go outside America, you gonna need a power transformer for sure unless all your devices are dual voltage. Such a converter helps to solve the electronics charging issue no matter which country you’re going to. It definitely worth a try! (Any concern or confusion about the compatibility of electronics or country plug, please feel free to ask a question or email, we are more than happy to be of assistance anytime)
➤【IMPORTANT to Check Before the Purchase】As we advertised on description and pictures, this voltage converter will NOT work for electronic controlled devices that operated by smart chip, auto on/off, touch screen, timer or pulse function etc.. Please always do make sure that your devices are mechanical controlled which has a push side to side on/off button; and it also needs to be sure that your devices are 26-2300W; while using more than 1 devices, the total power must be under 2300W
➤Please always power up the converter first, do not plug any devices into the converter before it gets green light (press the button 3-5 sec). And please do check to get the green light on once you receiving the item, if there’s any concern or problem on using it, please feel free to contact our customer service
➤Please note that normal multimeter can’t accurate test out a power converter output of the AC outlet. As long as your devices are mechanical controlled that bwtween 26-2300W, it will work. [More compatible & incompatible devices type please check from the pictures or directly contact us to confirm.] Also, with the built-in protect system, if the converter detects overload, it might get auto shut down to protect your devices, please reset and restart it, if not work, please email us